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A5 Size Bill Books (1+2)

Bill books come with duplicate and triplicate copies. Duplicate copy means it will be 1+1 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 1 duplicate copy. Triplicate copy means it will be 1+2 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 2 duplicate copies. Bill book standard size is A5 size. A4 size is the size of the normal photocopier paper. When A4 paper is folded from the center it becomes an A5 size paper, so A5 size is exactly half of an A4 paper. These books and vouches are widely used almost in all companies which have not yet shifted to POS invoicing system which generates the bill automatically.Proper maintenance of the record and no major qualification required for using bill books is another advantage. We can customize your order if you are looking for a thicker parent copy or duplicate. 

Fulfilled By : Infinty Colours
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Quantity Price/piece Pack price
1 350.00 350 400
5 322.40 1612 2000
10 315.00 3150 4000
20 297.50 5950 8000
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  • Usually delivers within 3 to 5 working days.
  • For next day delivery contact us on along with your order number.
  •  Additional charges applicable for next day deliveries.
  • Triplicate copy means it will be 1+2 booklet i.e. 1 parent copy and 2 duplicate copies.
  • Size : A5
  • Please maintain ur design leaving 15mm on top and 5mm on all other three sides for better output.
  • Upload high resolution file for best output. (Pdf, Tiff, Jpeg, Ai, Corel Draw)
  • Pictures used for display is to get an idea of the product to customer only, output may vary from it.
  • For any other clarrifications etc., please drop email or contact support.
  • Colours may differ from photos displayed in gallery.
  • Generally Bill book printing process utilises single, two color or four color printing, so for single colour u can use colour picker.
  • Paper Size : A5 (May slightly vary after binding)
  • Paper : Original (White), Duplicate (Yellow), Triplicate (Pink) if you need any specific colour please do mention in text box.
  • Paper Thickness : 75gsm
  • Pages : 50 sets (Original + Duplicate + triplicate)
  • Carbon Paper will be provided.
  • Duplicate Printing :  Yes
  • Binding : Regular Soft cover on top and hard case at bottom
  • Numbering : Mention in text box
  • Customise with your  brand / company logo , watermark and contact details, etc.,
  • All your documents are printed with latest printers in a professional process.
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