Cutom Shape Wooden Engraved Coasters | 88mm | 5mm Thickness

Coasters protect your table from stains... but they're so much more than that! Coasters are an extension of your personality, a window into your soul, an expression of your very being. So, express your being today by grabbing a set of drink coasters. Our range of quirky designs will add colour and creativity to your home, transforming something that can be plain into a talking point whether it's the living room, kitchen or dining room table. Our cool drink coasters ensure that you'll continue to be the funny one amongst your friends, so check out some of our funky designs. Table coasters are a fantastic present idea and if you like our unique designs.

Fulfilled By : Infinty Colours
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  • Dimensions :88mm
  • Material : Wooden Engraved 
  • Thickness : 5mm
Can I put hot drinks on the coasters?
These durable and robust coasters have got a heat resistant surface. This allows you to place both hot and cold items on the coaster, without compromising the beautiful print

What are coasters?
Coasters are small mats for beverages designed to protect table surfaces from water damage, heat, or scuffing.You can customize the table coasters with your favourite photo ,design or text .

What coaster shapes do you produce?
Currently, we offer round,square custom coasters.

What size coasters do you offer?
Our custom coasters are available in 88mm circle and 94mm square .

What material are your coasters made out of?
Wood pulp board , Foam coasters , wooden engraved coasters

How thick are your custom coasters?
Our custom coasters are 3mm thick and wooden engraved coaster is 5mm thick.

Can you print coasters in full color?
Yes, our custom coasters are printed in full color. There are no restrictions on the number of colors you can use and there are no additional fees.

Are your coasters reusable?
Yes they are reusable.

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