Shelf Talker

Shelf talkers are promotional graphics that speak to customers in eye-catching ways and are situated in the direct vicinity of a specific product. Shelf talkers fundamental purpose is to grab attention and inform customers, whether by helping them locate items so they’re easier to find or highlighting a special sale, new product, or a new feature shelf talkers help buyers make more informed consumer decisions. Shelf wobblers (also called shelf talkers, shelf toppers) are an ideal way of promoting products at Point of Sale and at the Point of Purchase. As an integral part of shop and store advertising shelf wobblers are simple to use and create an effective display system and shelf edge advertising.

Fulfilled By : Infinty Colours
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  • Usually delivers within 3 to 5 working days.
  • For next day delivery contact us on orders@infinitycolours.com along with your order number.
  •  Additional charges applicable for next day deliveries.
  • Size may differ slightly.
  • Colours may differ from photos displayed in gallery.
  • Pictures used for display is to get an idea of the product to customer only.
  •  Please upload HIGH Resolution Images for best output.
  • For any other clarrifications etc., please drop email or contact support.
  • Dimensions : Customization available
  • Shape : Customization available
  • Cut :Laser cutting provided with guarantee precision .
  • Thickness: 300 gsm 
  • High Quality Printing 
  • Various Sizes available
  • Contact support for price and sizes 


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